Could not resist meaning? (2024)

Could not resist meaning?

to stop yourself from doing something that you want to do: I can never resist temptation/chocolate/the urge to laugh. [ + -ing verb ] She couldn't resist laughing at him in those clothes. Fewer examples. He couldn't resist embellishing the story of his accident a little.

How do you use couldn't resist in a sentence?

She couldn't resist telling us what she'd heard. He was able to resist the urge to tell her his secret.

What is the meaning of I can't resist it?

It is common to say “I can't resist it,” to indicate that one is unable to prevent oneself from doing something. If you are being particularly formal, you could say “I cannot resist it.” But “I can't not resist it” is a double negative.

How can you not resist meaning?

In your context "can't resist [something]" implies that the person must give in to some temptation or compulsion, even though they otherwise might want to. Although he's not a regular smoker, he can't resist having a smoke if he sees a friend light up nearby.

What does couldn't resist to share mean?

Using "couldn't resist sharing it" conveys the intended meaning that the person was unable to resist the urge or temptation to share something.

Who could resist meaning?

The verb resist comes from the Latin word resistere, meaning “to take a stand,” or “withstand.” People who are able to put up a wall — be it mental, physical, philosophical, emotional, or otherwise — to defend themselves or their group against a threat can be said to resist.

What does it mean if you resist something?

verb. If you resist something such as a change, you refuse to accept it and try to prevent it. The Chancellor warned employers to resist demands for high pay increases. [ VERB noun/verb-ing] They resisted our attempts to modernize the distribution of books. [

What is a word for when you can resist?

Some common synonyms of withstand are combat, oppose, and resist. While all these words mean "to set oneself against someone or something," withstand suggests a more passive resistance.

How do you resist something?

If you resist something such as a change, you refuse to accept it and try to prevent it. They resisted our attempts to modernize the distribution of books. If you resist someone or resist an attack by them, you fight back against them. The man was shot outside his house as he tried to resist arrest.

What does resist mean in social?

Resistance, a social construct (a mechanism that is defined by society), is defined as a group of people who in some way disrupt the accepted authority, whether that be the legal authority or an occupying force, in order to upset stability. Examples of resistance have occurred throughout history.

What is an example of resist?

Examples of resist in a Sentence

She couldn't resist telling us what she'd heard. He was able to resist the urge to tell her his secret. It was hard resisting the temptation to open the box. The offer was hard to resist.

Why do people resist things?

Personal factors such as personality, values, and past experiences can cause individuals to resist change. They may feel that the change being proposed conflicts with their personal identity or disrupts their familiar ways of operating.

When someone refuses to share things?

Words like "miserly" and "possessive" describe this trait in a person.

Is refuse a synonym for resist?

On this page you'll find 76 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to resists, such as: prevent, refuse, thwart, continue, combat, and repel.

What does it mean when someone is resistant to you?

Definitions of resistant. adjective. disposed to or engaged in defiance of established authority. synonyms: insubordinate, resistive, rogue defiant, noncompliant. boldly resisting authority or an opposing force.

What people can t resist?

17 Things People Just Can't Resist
  • The urge to dance like no one's watching. Tap to play GIF. ...
  • Exacting revenge. ...
  • The opportunity to Lucy your Charlie Brown. ...
  • Using wheelbarrows as modes of transportation. ...
  • Terrorizing pigeons. ...
  • Passing up a good nutshot. ...
  • Seizing a lucrative business opportunity. ...
  • Playing with a bouncy ball.
Jan 17, 2013

What does it mean to resist in a relationship?

In a relational context, the voice of resistance is far more subtle. It's the fear of intimacy that keeps you from fully enjoying the other. It's the lack of confidence (toxic shame) that keeps you from pursuing or even hoping for change. It's the loss of trust (hurt) that robs you of connection.

What is the ability of resist?

The ability of an organism to resist disease is called immunity. Immunity is provided by the cells of the immune system of the body.

Is Resistance a bad thing?

Resistance can be both good and bad. If we are trying to transmit electricity efficiently from one place to another through a conductor, resistance is undesirable in the conductor. Resistance causes some of the electrical energy to turn into heat so some electrical energy is lost along the way.

How do you accept and not resist?

Choose not to judge what happens to you. Instead, believe that everything happens for a reason and that better things will always follow. That's the beginning of true acceptance.

What is a word for not resist?

On this page you'll find 174 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to nonresistant, such as: acquiescing, assentive, resigned, submissive, unresistant, and yielding.

What is the closest meaning of resistant?

Definition of resistant. as in resisting. opposed to something or refusing to agree or obey The toddler was resistant to trying vegetables. His parents were set in their ways and resistant to the changes brought about by technology. resisting.

What is the opposite of resistance?

Conductance in electricity is considered the opposite of resistance (R).

What does resist mean in simple words?

to fight against or oppose something or someone: [ T ] Students want to discover the truth themselves, and they resist having conclusions forced upon them. To resist is also to keep or stop yourself from doing something: [ T ] I couldn't resist laughing at him.

How do you resist bad things?

Wise Choices
  1. Avoid tempting situations.
  2. Replace unhealthy behaviors with healthy ones.
  3. Prepare mentally.
  4. Enlist support.
  5. Reward yourself for small steps.

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