Could not resist synonym? (2024)

Could not resist synonym?

be fond of, be keen on, be partial to. in the sense of like. Definition.

What is a word for can't resist?

"Inexorable." Dictionary,, Accessed 01 Dec. 2023.

What is a word for not resist?

On this page you'll find 174 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to nonresistant, such as: acquiescing, assentive, resigned, submissive, unresistant, and yielding.

What does could not resist mean?

to stop yourself from doing something that you want to do: I can never resist temptation/chocolate/the urge to laugh. [ + -ing verb ] She couldn't resist laughing at him in those clothes. Fewer examples. He couldn't resist embellishing the story of his accident a little.

What is a word for impossible to resist?

impossible to resist; overpowering. synonyms: irresistible overpowering, overwhelming.

What is the best synonym for resist?

Synonyms of resist
  • oppose.
  • withstand.
  • fight.
  • repel.
  • defy.
  • thwart.
  • combat.
  • challenge.

What is the synonym of resistant?

synonyms: insubordinate, resistive, rogue defiant, noncompliant. boldly resisting authority or an opposing force. adjective. impervious to being affected.

Does resist mean to avoid?

1[transitive, intransitive] to refuse to accept something and try to stop it from happening synonym oppose resist (something) to resist change They are determined to resist pressure to change the law. She steadfastly resisted all attempts to help her.

What is a synonym for least resistance?

Synonyms of path of least resistance (noun easy course)

garden path. life of ease. slippery slope.

What are 2 synonyms for severe?

Synonyms of severe (adj. uncompromising, stern)
  • harsh.
  • relentless.
  • serious.
  • strict.
  • ascetic.
  • astringent.
  • austere.
  • biting.

How do you use couldn't resist in a sentence?

She couldn't resist telling us what she'd heard. He was able to resist the urge to tell her his secret.

What does offer you can't resist mean?

offer one can't refuse (plural offers one can't refuse) (idiomatic) An offer from one side in a transaction with terms so attractive that the other side is almost guaranteed to accept.

What is the adjective of resist?

1resistant (to something) not affected by something; able to resist something plants that are resistant to disease Mosquitoes are becoming resistant to insecticides.

Which is the closest antonym for the word resist?

antonyms for resist
  • accept.
  • aid.
  • allow.
  • assist.
  • discontinue.
  • encourage.
  • help.
  • OK.

What does the ability to resist mean?

the act of resisting, opposing, withstanding, etc. 2. power or capacity to resist; specif., the ability of an organism to ward off disease. 3. opposition of some force, thing, etc.

What is the vocabulary of resisted?

to fight against something or someone that is attacking you: The soldiers resisted (the enemy attacks) for two days. [ T ] to refuse to accept or be changed by something: The party leader resisted demands for his resignation.

What is the synonym for refrain?

to resist the temptation of couldn't refrain from ruffling her nephew's neatly combed hair whenever she saw him. keep (from) avoid. withhold (from) abstain (from)

What is a synonym for the act of resistance?

1. opposition, obstinacy, defiance, intransigence.

Is it defy or resist?

If you deliberately break a rule or ignore an order, you defy, or resist, that rule. The word defy comes from the Latin word disfidare for "renounce one's faith." So if you're expected to be faithful to a certain law or rule but you refuse to be, you defy it.

What is the verb form of resist?

present simple I / you / we / they resist/rɪˈzɪst/ /rɪˈzɪst/
he / she / it resists/rɪˈzɪsts/ /rɪˈzɪsts/
past simple resisted/rɪˈzɪstɪd/ /rɪˈzɪstɪd/
past participle resisted/rɪˈzɪstɪd/ /rɪˈzɪstɪd/
-ing form resisting/rɪˈzɪstɪŋ/ /rɪˈzɪstɪŋ/

What is an example of resisting?

She couldn't resist telling us what she'd heard. He was able to resist the urge to tell her his secret. It was hard resisting the temptation to open the box. The offer was hard to resist.

What is the word for resistance to stress?

Basic conceptualizations of resilience (particularly, resistance) imply that it reflects uncommon imperviousness to expected injury or an unusual ability to quickly recover from it. Some researchers describe mental resilience in terms of quick and effective recovery after stress.

What is a synonym for variable resistance?

A potentiometer, or "pot" is a variable resistor with three terminals and a shaft that can be turned in either direction.

What are 5 strong synonyms?

Synonyms of strong
  • muscular.
  • powerful.
  • mighty.
  • rugged.
  • stout.
  • sturdy.
  • masculine.
  • sinewy.

What does not obvious mean?

: not easily discovered, seen, or understood : not obvious. nonobvious trends. a nonobvious solution.

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