How could you operationalize the variable “academic achievement”? (2024)

What are the variables for academic achievement?

In their meta-analysis study, Robbins et al. (2004) identified many variables that affect academic achievements such as achievement motivation, academic goals, institutional commitment, social support, social involvement, financial support, high school Grade Point Average (GPA), standardized tests, and demographics.

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What is the measurement of variable for academic performance?

A variable 'Academic Achievement' will be measured on Ordinal. Ordinal Scale: If the categories of a variable can be ranked, such as from highest to lowest or from most to least or from best to worst, then that variable is said to be ordinal.


Which of the following most clearly defines operationalization?

Operationalization involves describing how actual measurements will be made and then the next step is actually making the measurements.

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What is a variable that is thought to be influenced by another variable called?

Dependent Variable (aka Effect Variable) usually denoted as y, is a variable that is influenced to some extent by one or more other (independent) variables.

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How do you measure academic achievement?

Student performance can be measured using a variety of benchmarks, including grade point average (GPA), high school graduation rate, annual standardized tests, and college entrance exams. A student's GPA is typically measured on a scale of zero to four.

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What are the examples of academic variables?

Some educational variables of interest include:
  • Academic Achievement. In education, academic achievement is perhaps the principal variable of interest. ...
  • Study Skills. ...
  • Self Regulation. ...
  • Motivation. ...
  • Relatedness. ...
  • Teaching Practices.

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What are examples of variable measurements?

Measurement variables are, as the name implies, things you can measure. An individual observation of a measurement variable is always a number. Examples include length, weight, pH, and bone density. Other names for them include "numeric" or "quantitative" variables.

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What are the variables to measure performance?

Six independent variables should be used in any performance appraisal system to discriminate performance.
  • Quality. The first variable is the quality of work. ...
  • Quantity. The second variable is the quantity of work produced. ...
  • Job Knowledge. The third variable is job knowledge. ...
  • Initiative. ...
  • Dependability. ...
  • Adaptability. ...
  • Summary.

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What is the best way to measure a variable?

You can see that one way to look at variables is to divide them into four different categories ( nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio). These refer to the levels of measure associated with the variables. In everyday usage the convention is to then use the level of measure to refer to the kind of variable.

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How do you operationalize variables?

There are 3 main steps for operationalization:
  1. Identify the main concepts you are interested in studying.
  2. Choose a variable to represent each of the concepts.
  3. Select indicators for each of your variables.
May 6, 2022

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What is an example of an operationalised variable?


In particular, an operationalised DV will create quantitative data. For example: Not "intelligence" but "score on a IQ test" Not "memory" but "nimber of items recalled"

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What is the operationalization of variables?

Operationalization is the process of strictly defining variables into measurable factors. The process defines fuzzy concepts and allows them to be measured, empirically and quantitatively.

How could you operationalize the variable “academic achievement”? (2024)

What do you call a variable that cause influence or affect outcomes?

You can think of independent and dependent variables in terms of cause and effect: an independent variable is the variable you think is the cause, while a dependent variable is the effect. In an experiment, you manipulate the independent variable and measure the outcome in the dependent variable.

What is the operational definition of academic achievement?

Academic achievement is the extent to which a student or institution has achieved either short or long term educational goals. Achievement may be measured through students' grade point average, whereas for institutions, achievement may be measured through graduation rates.

What is the best method to evaluate the achievement of students?

Continuous evaluation is the best method to evaluate the achievement of students as it helps in: making reliable decisions about educational planning.

What variables affect academic performance?

What Are The Factors Affecting A Higher Secondary School Student's Academic Performance?
  • An Uncomfortable Learning Environment. ...
  • Family Background. ...
  • Learning Infrastructure. ...
  • Difficulty In Understanding. ...
  • Teacher-Student Ratio. ...
  • Information Overload. ...
  • Performance Pressure. ...
  • Unhealthy Lifestyle.

What are the 3 main variables in the study?

An experiment usually has three kinds of variables: independent, dependent, and controlled.

What is academic variable?

A variable is the characteristic or attribute of an individual, group, educational system, or the environment that is of interest in a research study. Variables can be straightforward and easy to measure, such as gender, age, or course of study.

What are 3 examples of a variable?

A variable is a characteristic that can be measured and that can assume different values. Height, age, income, province or country of birth, grades obtained at school and type of housing are all examples of variables.

How do you measure variables in a research study?


There are four levels of measurements on a continuum of discrete and continuous: nominal-scale, ordinal-scale, interval- scale and ratio-scale. Nominal scale is used when the variables can be categorized but cannot be ranked. E.g. gender, marital status, race, diagnosis, blood group etc.

What are the 4 types of measured variable?

Statisticians often refer to the "levels of measurement" of a variable, a measure, or a scale to distinguish between measured variables that have different properties. There are four basic levels: nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio.

What type of variable is performance?

In most cases performance is usually measured as a function of time, which makes it a classical example of flow variable.

What are the three measurements used to measure performance?

The Three Faces of Performance Measurement: Improvement, Accountability, and Research - ScienceDirect.

What are the 5 possible performance measures?

These metrics—or five Work Performance Indicators (WPIs)—are mix, capacity, velocity, quality, and engagement.

What is the most reliable measure of variable?

Of these three, the standard deviation (and the related measure of variance) is by far the most important by far the most important.

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