What can kill homelander? (2024)

What can kill homelander?

The only thing capable of destroying him in the end was his own clone.

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What's the only thing that can kill Homelander?

Comic Noir is actually revealed to be a Homelander clone, created by Vought as a backup plan in case their star supe were to go rogue. The silent killer eventually murders Homelander, and he is able to do so because he possesses the same lethal abilities as him.

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How did Black Noir kill Homelander?

Homelander then tries to kill Black Noir in a rage but ends up failing as Black Noir kills him by breaking his jaw and opening his face.

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Is it possible for Homelander to die?

Homelander is Killed By Black Noir, Off-Panel

Homelander's coup is deeply unsuccessful, lasting less than a day and ending with him murdered by Vought's secret weapon and his superhero 'army' mowed down by the military.

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Is anyone powerful than Homelander?

The grand finale of The Boys comic book series confirms that there is only one hero who is actually stronger than Homelander, and that's his (even more) evil clone, Black Noir. Created to be an upgraded version of Homelander, Black Noir proves his superiority in the final battle between these two deranged powerhouses.

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Could Homelander survive a nuke?

When asked about Homelander's weakness, Madelyn Stillwell claims he does not have one, saying, “There isn't a weapon on Earth that they haven't thrown at him. They've all failed,” implying that he could also survive nuclear explosions.

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Can Kryptonite kill Homelander?

As a byproduct of Compound V, the substance that gives him and other Supes their powers, Homelander has super strength, heat vision, and can withstand explosions without injury. He's pretty much Superman, but there's no Kryptonite equivalent to serve as his weakness.

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Why can't Starlight kill Homelander?

While Starlight's original powers were already enough for Annie to defeat A-Train in a fight, Starlight was behind characters like Maeve, Soldier Boy, and Homelander in terms of sheer strength. In other words, Starlight's blasts of light would not be of much help against Homelander.

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Who is the most powerful in Homelander?

1 Homelander

There's little doubt that Homelander is the strongest character in the Boys. No matter how much is thrown at him, what kind of weapon they can conceive, or how many other superheroes get in his way, Homelander's power is unwavering.

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What is Black Noir's superpower?

In the comics, Black Noir is a long-time member of the Seven, almost always shown in silhouette with his face obscured. His powers include super strength and supposed skills as a pilot. He is stronger than even Homelander; Mother's Milk states he can "[...] bench a dozen Mack trucks".

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Why is Black Noir so weak?

It also added a new weakness, as the lethal Supe is deathly allergic to nuts. This was inspired by the real-life allergy of Nathan Mitchell, who plays Black Noir in The Boys. As powerful as Black Noir is, this nut allergy ultimately brought him down in The Boys season 2.

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Why did Homelander cry when he killed Black Noir?

Noir found out that Homelander knew that Soldier Boy was his father and was now unsure about killing him. When Homelander asked Black Noir if he knew Soldier Boy was his father, Noir nodded which made Homelander cry in sadness.

What can kill homelander? (2024)

Who kills Starlight?

However, Starlight does not die in the comics when the story finally comes to a close. She is fully prepared to die trying to defeat Homelander, but Queen Maeve actually saves her from his wrath. This results in Homelander killing Queen Maeve, and Black Noir later is the one responsible for killing The Seven's leader.

Would Soldier Boy have killed Homelander?

In the comic, Soldier Boy is a cowardly Supe without much power, certainly not enough to kill Homelander, so the show is charting its own course here.

What killed Soldier Boy?

After coming across a mortally wounded Soldier Boy, near-vertically bisected by a blast, in the aftermath, Mallory had then dropped a grenade by his feet before walking away, mercy killing him.

Can Hulk beat Homelander?

Which's Avengers member is easily beat first by The Homelander? Most of the avengers sure. But the heavy hitters like hulk, Thor, and arguably iron man can beat homelander.

Who is the strongest in The Boys?

Kimiko is the strongest hero of The Boys, with heightened levels of superhuman strength, durability, speed, and reflexes. She also possesses an accelerated healing factor that allows her to heal almost as fast as she's injured.

Who is stronger Homelander or Darkseid?

With a long list of powers like super-strength, invulnerability, regeneration, telekinesis, telepathy, and his signature Omega Beams, Darkseid cannot even be taken down by the full might of the entire Justice League. The biggest villain in DC Comics for a reason, Darkseid would squash Homelander like an ant.

What is Homelander's Kryptonite?

Well, Homelander was created as an obvious copy of Superman, so their powers are virtually identical, except Superman is more powerful as you mentioned. The two differences are that Homelander has no apparent weakness to a specific substance, no “kryptonite”, and that he can't see through zinc instead of lead.

Who is the man who scared Homelander?

James Stillwell insulting Homelander for his actions. James Stillwell is the overarching antagonist of the comic series The Boys. He is a high-ranking executive in Vought-American and the assistant of Vought's CEO, Mr. Edgar.

Is Soldier Boy stronger than Homelander?

No. Homelander is more powerful, but Soldier Boy is nearly on par. Though maybe his radiation blasts are more powerful than Homelander.

Can Magneto kill Homelander?

Magento is powerful enough to harm Homelander and even disarm him with his magnetic forces. However, it is Magneto's intelligence that will give him the tactical edge over Homelander.

Can Thanos kill Homelander?

Given his physiology as an Eternal, Thanos, even without the Infinity Stones, could outmatch Homelander, as he's stronger and can take way more damage as he's practically invulnerable. Unlike Superman, Homelander isn't nearly as indestructible as he likely could be killed.

What's the one element Homelander can't see through?

Homelander asks Deep what the box is made of, to which he answers "zinc", the only thing Homelander can't see through.

Did Starlight give deep oral?

Joining The Seven

She is at first rejoiced at being selected, however is later sexually assaulted when the Deep extorts her into performing oral sex on him in "The Name of the Game" in order for her to stay on the team.

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