Why did homelander laser the plane? (2023)

Why did Homelander laser the plane in Episode 1?

Homelander frequently spies on Madelyn Stillwell, both as a way of keeping tabs on who she's meeting with and because of his obsession with her. After the mayor of Baltimore blackmails Madelyn into lowering their city protection price to $230 million, Homelander decides he'll shoot down the plane as a favor to her.

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Why did Homelander destroy the plane in Herogasm?

Homelander also kills a plane full of people just because he can (which we've seen in a different form previously) and Noir sexually assaults Hughie. There's ample sexual acts, hence the name.

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Was there a way for Homelander to save the plane?

Homelander Couldn't Save The Plane (But Could Save Some Passengers) Homelander also rejected Maeve's suggestion that he fly the passengers to the ground, one at a time, complaining that would take 123 trips.

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What did Homelander do to flight 37?

Outcome. The Crash of Transoceanic Flight 37 was a botched rescue mission of Flight 37 undertaken by Homelander and Queen Maeve, after it was highjacked mid-flight and the people aboard were being held as hostages by terrorists.

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What's the one element Homelander can't see through?

Homelander can't see through zinc.

But zinc is a smaller atom (usually 64 protons+neutrons and 30 electrons) and its atoms don't pack as tightly; it's about 1.5 times less dense than lead.

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Why is Black Noir not a clone of Homelander?

History. Black Noir was a direct clone of Homelander, created by Vought as a fail-safe to kill Homelander if he ever overstepped his bounds. However, years passed and Black Noir was unable to fulfil the one purpose he was created for as Homelander was implied to have been a generally good person.

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Could Soldier Boy have beaten Homelander?

Even though Soldier Boy could not take down Homelander with the help of Hughie and Butcher (Karl Urban) using temporary doses of Compound V, it was abundantly clear that he is still the closest anyone has been to the individual strength of Homelander.

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What is the most evil thing Homelander has done?

Homelander Shoots Down The Baltimore Mayor's Plane

To help eliminate the problem, Homelander shoots down the mayor's plane with the mayor and the mayor's young son inside it. One of the worst parts was that before he blew it up, the mayor's young son waved to Homelander because he was a huge fan of his.

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Could Soldier Boy have killed Homelander?

In theory, Soldier Boy should be able to kill Homelander, assuming his power affects Homelander the same way it affected Kimiko. But there's no guarantee; Homelander could get wind of the attempt and kill everybody before they try something.


Why can't Queen Maeve fly?

In Garth Ennis' original comic books, a huge number of supes are capable of flight compared to the TV show. By bringing that number right down, Homelander begins to look even more special and unique among his own kind. Unfortunately, that means Queen Maeve having her wings clipped.

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Who eventually kills Homelander?

Although Homelander is one of the main antagonists of the comic series, he is not killed by his archenemy Billy, but is instead killed by Black Noir. His name literally means "A person from one's homeland".

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Would Homelander survive a nuke?

When asked about Homelander's weakness, Madelyn Stillwell claims he does not have one, saying, “There isn't a weapon on Earth that they haven't thrown at him. They've all failed,” implying that he could also survive nuclear explosions.

Why did homelander laser the plane? (2023)

How much weight can Homelander lift?

Assuming Mother's Milk means a fully-loaded truck, then Homelander could approximately lift 960,000 pounds or 480 U.S. tons.

Who is the man who scared Homelander?

Homelander's Stan Edgar Fear Nearly Cost Him the Soldier Boy Fight. This blatant rejection from his father figure also made the leader of The Seven much weaker when he faced off against Butcher and Soldier Boy – Homelander's real father. Homelander did a great job of hiding his feelings from Stan Edgar.

Can Ryan stop Homelander?

Superhuman Strength: Ryan is strong enough to be able to shove Homelander to the ground, albeit when he was enraged, he is also stronger than humans. Like his father, Ryan was able to send a baseball flying.

Is there a Kryptonite for Homelander?

But like Superman, Homelander has a weakness. For the DC superhero, it's Kryptonite, the radioactive rock from his home world, but for Homelander, it's something less substantial.

What disability does Homelander have?

Homelander's display of insecurities and instability is similar to men with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), which is characterized by major mood shifts, impulsivity, and an unstable self-image.

Who almost killed Homelander?

The kid could be the key to defeating Homelander precisely because they share the same abilities. Soldier Boy nearly killing Homelander suggests the Supe might only face his doom when confronted by his kin.

Why can't Noir speak?

During Payback's fight against Soldier Boy, Black Noir received catastrophic brain injuries that left him both unable to verbally communicate and saddled with bizarre hallucinations of cartoon animals.

Why is Black Noir scared of Soldier Boy?

Noir, deep down, is a traumatized and scared little boy, feeling ashamed about his past with Soldier Boy due to the abuse he inflicted on Noir, to the point he chose to run and hide leaving behind Vought and Homelander.

Who is Black Noir a parody of?

In both the comic and TV series, Noir is a member of the hedonistic and reckless Vought-American superhero group the Seven and is depicted as a "silent ninja" type parody of Batman, Snake Eyes and Deathstroke.

Who is more powerful than Homelander?

The grand finale of The Boys comic book series confirms that there is only one hero who is actually stronger than Homelander, and that's his (even more) evil clone, Black Noir. Created to be an upgraded version of Homelander, Black Noir proves his superiority in the final battle between these two deranged powerhouses.

Why did Soldier Boy call Homelander weak?

On the surface, Soldier Boy hates Homelander because he can't stand anyone else being stronger than him - but there is also a deeper reason behind it. Soldier Boy's hate for Homelander in The Boys reflects something much deeper than shallow supe rivalry — it mirrors his own underlying insecurities.

Why is Soldier Boys shield so heavy?

The superhero Soldier Boy was given a shield with an eagle emblem sometime after World War II, during which he preferred to carry a submachine gun. The shield is very heavy, as normal humans cannot lift it, while he can wield it with ease. In 1984, Soldier Boy and Payback were stationed in Nicaragua.

Who is Starlight a parody of?

Starlight is a parody of both Doctor Light and Stargirl as well Mary Marvel costume with little Powergirl-influenced outfit.

What is Homelander's obsession with milk?

His addiction to breast milk is a symptom of growing up in the Vought lab where he never had access to motherly affection and the opportunity to form a loving bond at a young age. Homelander's trauma manifested in his kink for breast milk and need for a dominant mother figure.

How did Becca get pregnant by Homelander?

When Becca worked for Vought, she was sexually assaulted by Homelander. She became pregnant with his superhuman child, and knowing how dangerous Homelander was, she ran away and kept the child a secret.

Can Homelander survive without air?

Breathing would be immensely difficult at such speeds in a thin atmosphere. That suggests Homelander can't suffocate (at least under most conditions). The extreme temperatures and frictions of such environments also speak further to his impressive immunity.

Who would win a fight between Superman and Homelander?

Despite Homelander's supremacy in his own universe, in the context of a Homelander vs Superman fight, Superman wins this conflict at a canter.

What is Homelander's weakness in the comics?

Homelander is similarly powerful, but doesn't have a corresponding weakness. In fact, apart from being unable to see through zinc with his X-Ray vision, The Boys has yet to reveal Homelander having any known limits to his powers.

Who is the deep a parody of?

The Deep is mostly a parody of DC's Aquaman but his personality is similar to Marvel's Namor the Sub-Mariner.

Can Starlight Fly The Boys?

History. In the comic series, she is known by her superhero alias, Starlight. She has the ability to emit blinding light from her hands and also the ability to fly.

What did the deep do to Starlight?

12 The Deep Sexually Assaulted Starlight On Her First Day

All the male members in the superhero team, The Seven, ganged up on Starlight and assaulted her. The shocking scene of sexual assault still took place on the show but the traumatizing events happened between The Deep (Chace Crawford) and Starlight.

Who killed Billy Butcher?

Knowing he will be locked away for life as an invalid, Butcher deceives Hughie into killing him by falsely claiming he had murdered Hughie's parents. Hughie, in a fit of rage, rams a metal spike into Butcher's chest, killing him. True to character, Billy dies smiling.

Who is the villain after Homelander?

Black Noir is the clone of the Homelander, and was created by Vought-American with refined Compound-V. Vought created him as a contingency plan in order to ensure that Homelander never oversteps his bounds, and kill him if he does.

Who killed Soldier Boy?

In the "What I Know" arc, Butcher is revealed to have killed Soldier Boy with a public funeral being held for him and members of the Seven (including the Homelander) serving as his pallbearers.

Could the Avengers beat Homelander?

Out of all the supes, Homelander is the most powerful one without any hesitation. If we compare him to other popular superheroes in The Avengers, he could overpower and defeat many of our favorite superheroes. If the Avengers were to fight against Homelander, it would not just be a simple battle of who is the best.

What is Homelander's real name?

The Homelander
Voiced byAntony Starr (Diabolical) Yong Yea (Death Battle!)
In-universe information
Full nameJohn Gillman
14 more rows

Is Homelander or Soldier Boy more evil?

While The Boys' “evil Superman” Homelander was the show's most odious villain for a long time, Soldier Boy soon proved he might be even worse than Homelander. This made it all the more surprising when The Boys season 3 revealed that, as a first-generation supe, Soldier Boy was Homeland's absent father.

What is the max speed of Homelander?

He can fly at speeds above of at least Mach 1, which is 767 miles per hour, and is bulletproof.

Can Hulk beat Homelander?

Which's Avengers member is easily beat first by The Homelander? Most of the avengers sure. But the heavy hitters like hulk, Thor, and arguably iron man can beat homelander.

How much can Spiderman lift?

Great Power. Like his namesake, Spider-Man's strength and agility stand far above those of the average human, allowing him to lift nearly ten tons and to leap and move at incredible speeds with high accuracy.

Who is Homelander's greatest enemy?

Stan Edgar is Homelander's most powerful enemy who has never had superpowers. As the former CEO of Vought International, Edgar was unafraid to stand his ground and make the decisions that he thought were best for the company.

Who is stronger the butcher or Homelander?

Not only is Homelander faster and stronger than Billy Butcher but he's also more durable, surviving some of the comics' most brutal injuries. Whilst Billy Butcher can hold his own even without his powers, he is still no match for Homelander in a straight fight.

Can Soldier Boy take away Homelander's powers?

The two ways of Soldier Boy dealing with situations offer hope for the fight against Homelander. It is possible that Soldier Boy could remove Homelander as a threat by taking away his powers. This would be more likely then outright killing the guy.

Did Becca Butcher sleep with Homelander?

A few days after the party, Becca met with Homelander in a private room where he raped her. After that night, Becca was troubled on how to handle the situation. After January 24th, 2012, she went to Vought for help and confirmed she was pregnant with Homelander's child.

Does Kimiko ever talk?

Rather, Kimiko is perfectly able to speak in the comics - she just chooses not to. However, Kimiko in the comics does say one thing near the end of The Boys: "I hate mean people." Although she is able to talk throughout the entirety of The Boys comics, this is the only time Kimiko speaks.

What did Homelander do on the plane?

The terrorist shoots the pilot in the head, killing him immediately and blowing a hole through the airplane windshield. Homelander instinctively eyebeams the crap out of the gunman, killing him… and unintentionally toasting all the plane controls. This is when things go from bad to “oh my god.”

Does Homelander actually laser the crowd?

In season 3 of The Boys, Homelander then almost shoots his laser vision into a crowd when he mistakes someone for Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles). However, it is not until the season 3 finale of The Boys that Homelander finally uses his laser vision on a civilian in public.

What episode does Homelander laser a bunch of people?

The Only Man in the Sky
Jun 3, 2022

What episode does Homelander shoot down a plane?

The Female of the Species

Who is the most powerful in Homelander?

1 Homelander

There's little doubt that Homelander is the strongest character in the Boys. No matter how much is thrown at him, what kind of weapon they can conceive, or how many other superheroes get in his way, Homelander's power is unwavering.

Was Homelander sad when he killed Noir?

Homelander Kills Noir

It's a sad and shocking way to see this silent yet relatively good (in Boys/Payback terms anyway) character go. And he exhibits no remorse for it at all. He even goes on to admit what he did in front of Ashley, A-Train, and the Deep before essentially disowning them too.

What mental disability does Homelander have?

Homelander's display of insecurities and instability is similar to men with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), which is characterized by major mood shifts, impulsivity, and an unstable self-image.

Why is no one stronger than Homelander?

One straightforward answer from the comics is that Homelander's biology simply withstood a greater amount of Compound V than a typical human can handle, meaning he is the most powerful because he had more of the substance injected into him.

Is Homelander the only one who can fly?

Homelander is the only known superhero capable of flying.

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