Why didn't homelander kill butcher? (2023)

Why didn't homelander kill butcher?

Despite his mission to help rid the world of evil Supes, The Boys' Billy Butcher is easily the series' most cruel and hateful character.

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Is Butcher worse than Homelander?

Despite his mission to help rid the world of evil Supes, The Boys' Billy Butcher is easily the series' most cruel and hateful character.

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Are butchers powers as strong as Homelander?

Butcher can't fly and it's not yet known if he has X-ray vision or super hearing, but he does have enough of the same powers as Homelander that he is able to actually engage him physically and not only survive, but potentially best the superhero.

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Did Becca cheat on Butcher?

In the TV series "The Boys," there is no evidence to suggest that Becca, the wife of the character Butcher, cheated on him. In fact, the show portrays Becca as a loyal and loving wife who was taken from Butcher against her will by the villainous character Homelander.

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Is Billy Butcher a psychopath?

Despite being a world filled with superheroes, The Boys is rife with psychopaths such as the Homelander and his chief rival, Billy Butcher.

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Who is almost as strong as Homelander?

The grand finale of The Boys comic book series confirms that there is only one hero who is actually stronger than Homelander, and that's his (even more) evil clone, Black Noir.

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Who is the strongest in The Boys?

1 Homelander

There's little doubt that Homelander is the strongest character in the Boys. No matter how much is thrown at him, what kind of weapon they can conceive, or how many other superheroes get in his way, Homelander's power is unwavering.

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Does Frenchie get powers?

Similar to Female of the Species, the Frenchman's use of Compound V has given him abilities such as increased strength, smell and increased durability.

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Will Butcher get permanent powers?

These tests led to great casualties, but it was also confirmed that Vought cracked the code to give adults powers — as evidenced by Cindy in season 2. If Cindy's powers can be permanent, then Butcher and Hughie can keep their powers by upgrading from Temp-V to regular Compound V.

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Is Soldier Boy stronger than Homelander?

No. Homelander is more powerful, but Soldier Boy is nearly on par. Though maybe his radiation blasts are more powerful than Homelander.

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How did Becca get pregnant with Homelander's son?

When Becca worked for Vought, she was sexually assaulted by Homelander. She became pregnant with his superhuman child, and knowing how dangerous Homelander was, she ran away and kept the child a secret.

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Is Black Noir a good guy?

Earving, better known as Black Noir, was a major antagonist in the Amazon series The Boys. Serving as a supporting antagonist in Season 1, the secondary antagonist of Season 2, and a major anti-villain in Season 3. He was a mute, darkly costumed superhero and a member of The Seven.

Why didn't homelander kill butcher? (2023)

Is Ryan stronger than Homelander?

Superhuman Strength: Ryan is strong enough to be able to shove Homelander to the ground, albeit when he was enraged, he is also stronger than humans. Like his father, Ryan was able to send a baseball flying.

Who kills Starlight?

However, Starlight does not die in the comics when the story finally comes to a close. She is fully prepared to die trying to defeat Homelander, but Queen Maeve actually saves her from his wrath. This results in Homelander killing Queen Maeve, and Black Noir later is the one responsible for killing The Seven's leader.

Who killed Hughie?

Butcher ended up being the series' biggest villain, controlled his surroundings until the very end, and by choosing Hughie to end his life, it was one final twist of the metaphorical knife into the man whose life he forever changed in The Boys comic book series.

What is Billy Butcher a parody of?

Billy Butcher was designed as a parody of The Punisher, a character that series creator Garth Ennis had written for nine years, prior to creating The Boys. Both characters are family men who become violent, unhinged vigilantes who allow their constant thirst for revenge to take them over completely.

Did starlight sleep with the deep?

She is at first rejoiced at being selected, however is later sexually assaulted when the Deep extorts her into performing oral sex on him in "The Name of the Game" in order for her to stay on the team.

Is Soldier Boy really Homelander's dad?

Yup, Soldier Boy is Homelander's biological father. Suddenly all these daddy issues make a lot more sense. This character element isn't from the original The Boys comics, but was something Kripke and the writer's room came up with for the show.

Why do people say Homelander is weak?

Psychological. Lack of Training: He has no formal training in the use of his powers, or in handling dangerous situations. Along with the rest of his team, these inadequacies led to disaster when they attempted to stop a terrorist hijacking of a plane. Mental Illness: Homelander is a mentally unstable man.

Who is the most op character in The Boys?

One of the most powerful characters on The Boys, Homelander has heightened levels of superstrength, durability, stamina, and senses. He also possesses heat vision that he can either choose to shoot with a laser focus or use as a concussive force from his eyes.

Who is the weakest supe in The Boys?

Gumchum doesn't do anything else in the series besides off his fellow Supes gum. It's his sole purpose. He might be the worst hero in terms of powers and abilities in The Boys, as he's effectively useless in battle.

What are Hughie's permanent powers?

Powers and abilities

In the show, Hughie gains the power of teleportation, accelerated healing, and superhuman strength after taking a temporary variant of Compound V, however he is only able to teleport himself and not his clothes, leaving him (and anyone he teleports with him) naked when he rematerializes.

Do Supes age slower?

Aging. Whilst some Supes such as Stormfront and Soldier Boy don't age than their human counterparts, the average Supe ages almost identically as the average person.

What race is Frenchie?

He is of French - Algerian descent. Serge claims that his father was bipolar and that when he was ten-years-old, his father tried to smother him with a Hello Kitty duvet.

Why did Maeve sleep with Butcher?

Maeve manages to give Butcher three vials of Temp-V or V-24, levelling the playing field by giving its user powers for 24 hours. But all in vain. Maeve gets more V-24 to Butcher and feeling dejected and defeated, the two get drunk and have sex, which left everyone shocked.

Why can't a train run anymore?

A-Train is determined to maintain his status as the fastest man alive. As a result, he uses the drug Compound V to further amp up his powers. This leads to his downfall as he later suffers from a heart attack, ultimately being the reason for him getting kicked out of The Seven.

Does mother's milk have powers?

During his championship, Mother's Milk discovered the powers afforded to him thanks to the Compound V — these included superhuman strength, agility, stamina and durability. Not long after accidentally using these powers to kill someone, he was approached by Billy Butcher and joined the Boys.

Is anyone strong enough to beat Homelander?

Superhuman Strength: Black Noir is strong enough to kill Homelander, needing just one punch to completely destroy his jaw. He is stronger than Homelander, who could hurl a fighter jet with one hand and kill Queen Maeve with just one punch.

Who kills Soldier Boy?

In the "What I Know" arc, Butcher is revealed to have killed Soldier Boy with a public funeral being held for him and members of the Seven (including the Homelander) serving as his pallbearers.

Is Butcher better than Homelander?

Not only is Homelander faster and stronger than Billy Butcher but he's also more durable, surviving some of the comics' most brutal injuries. Whilst Billy Butcher can hold his own even without his powers, he is still no match for Homelander in a straight fight.

Is Ryan Butcher stronger than Homelander?

Superhuman Strength: Ryan is strong enough to be able to shove Homelander to the ground, albeit when he was enraged, he is also stronger than humans. Like his father, Ryan was able to send a baseball flying.

Are butchers lasers stronger than Homelander?

Butcher's laser eyes potentially being stronger than Homelander's means the unstable co-captain of The Seven will be in for a nasty surprise next time he matches up with Butcher, especially if Butcher's lasers manage to hurt Homelander.

Is Butcher a bad guy in The Boys?

Billy Butcher was a ruthless CIA agent. Since the death of his wife, he has a strong hatred for superheroes. One of them raped her, and months later the fetus tore her belly.

Is noir scared of Soldier Boy?

However, Noir's fear of Soldier Boy is surprisingly bigger than his loyalty to Homelander. When Noir escaped from Vought due to the news of Soldier Boy returning, Homelander was genuinely distraught over the news as he believed Noir always had his back.

Which hero can beat Homelander?

In the comics, the Scarlet Witch, also known as Wanda Maximoff, is a powerful mutant with the ability to manipulate reality through her magical powers and can therefore easily defeat the Homelander.

Could Hughie beat Homelander?

Though Hughie can punch through body armor, Hughie's slightly enhanced strength poses no threat to Homelander. Yes, Hughie can hold his own against some supes while on Temp V, but he still has no chance of taking down Homelander on his own.

Did Becca Butcher sleep with Homelander?

A few days after the party, Becca met with Homelander in a private room where he raped her. After that night, Becca was troubled on how to handle the situation. After January 24th, 2012, she went to Vought for help and confirmed she was pregnant with Homelander's child.

Is Soldier Boy almost as strong as Homelander?

No. Homelander is more powerful, but Soldier Boy is nearly on par. Though maybe his radiation blasts are more powerful than Homelander.

Can Black Bolt beat Homelander?

Black Bolt

Black Bolt's strength alone puts him above Homelander. But his powers push him even further out of Homelander's level. His heat vision wouldn't have much effect on the Inhuman's king, as he has shown to be able to survive re-entry.

What mental illness does Billy Butcher have?

He May Be Suffering From A Borderline Personality Disorder

With the number of times that Butcher has flown into a rage, made rash decisions, or had sudden changes of heart, it's very much possible that he suffers from a Borderline Personality Disorder of some kind.

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