Why does homelander let the plane crash? (2024)

Why does homelander let the plane crash?

Because of his immense power, he believes that he is superior to the whole of humanity; that is how he does not hesitate to crash a plane, letting dozens of people die or use his power to get what he wants.

Why didn t Homelander save flight 37?

Since the plane's flight systems were destroyed and neither of them knew how to fly a plane, Queen Maeve suggested that Homelander lifts the plane but Homelander said that he can't, since there is nothing to push the plane against.

Why did Homelander destroy the plane in Season 1?

The duo arrives on the plane and kills the terrorists, but in the process, they destroy the flight controls. Unable to save everyone, Homelander makes the decision to leave the plane, causing the plane and all of its passengers to crash into the ocean. Vought covered up the incident, but it finally came back in Gen V.

Could the plane have been saved in the boys?

Homelander Couldn't Save The Plane (But Could Save Some Passengers) Homelander also rejected Maeve's suggestion that he fly the passengers to the ground, one at a time, complaining that would take 123 trips.

How much weight can Homelander lift?

The Boys Secretly Put a Number on How Strong Homelander Really Is - IMDb. Black Noir reveals that Homelander can lift "a dozen Mack trucks," potentially making him capable of lifting 960,000 pounds or 480 U.S. tons.

Who was worse Homelander or Soldier Boy?

In combat between the two, they are fairly equal, but Homelander's heat ray vision cannot cause the same level of destruction as quickly or easily as Soldier Boy. Another aspect that makes Soldier Boy a worse villain than Homelander is his unprocessed trauma.

Why did Soldier Boy sleep with Homelander?

In the comics, Soldier Boy is only sleeping with Homelander in order to gain favor with the leader of The Seven. In the TV show, however, Homelander is the one seeking Soldier Boy's approval, with Soldier Boy being the father that Homelander never had.

Who actually kills Homelander?

Comic Noir is actually revealed to be a Homelander clone, created by Vought as a backup plan in case their star Supe were to go rogue. The silent killer eventually murders Homelander, and he's able to do so because he possesses the same lethal abilities as him.

Who finally kills Homelander?

Ultimately, Homelander is killed by Black Noir, who is revealed to be a clone of the powerful Supe, tasked with assassinating him should he ever decide to break from the Vought-America corporation's interests.

Who killed supersonic?

Homelander then killed Supersonic in retaliation and as a warning to Starlight.

Is Homelander as powerful as Superman?

Due to Compound V, he ages slowly compared to a regular human. But, all the Superman-like abilities he possesses are weaker than the ones that Man of Steel himself has. Homelander's flight speed, super strength, and durability in particular are inferior to Superman's.

Is Queen Maeve stronger than Homelander?

Homelander is clearly stronger than her, but I thought it was clear that she was the closest to him in strength out of all the 7, and Homelander doesn't really have any hand to hand experience while Maeve said she's been sober and training for like 6 months just to fight Homelander.

What caused the gender reveal plane crash?

A pilot has died after the plane he was flying as part of a gender reveal party in Mexico crashed. Video posted online shows the plane releasing pink smoke before the wing snaps, causing the plane to nosedive.

Could Homelander survive a nuke?

The Boys definitively proves that Homelander, despite his strength and invulnerability, cannot compete against the destructive power of a nuclear weapon.

Who is almost as strong as Homelander?

Even though Soldier Boy could not take down Homelander with the help of Hughie and Butcher (Karl Urban) using temporary doses of Compound V, it was abundantly clear that he is still the closest anyone has been to the individual strength of Homelander.

Can Thanos beat Homelander?

Given his physiology as an Eternal, Thanos, even without the Infinity Stones, could outmatch Homelander, as he's stronger and can take way more damage as he's practically invulnerable. Unlike Superman, Homelander isn't nearly as indestructible as he likely could be killed.

Why does Black Noir not talk?

Psychological. Brain Damage: Despite his healing factor, Black Noir can still find difficulty in healing brain damage. During his fight with Soldier Boy, he received extreme head trauma which would end up causing a variety of mental problems, including: Amnesia, loss of speech and hallucinations.

Who killed Soldier Boy?

In the "What I Know" arc, Butcher is revealed to have killed Soldier Boy with a public funeral being held for him and members of the Seven (including the Homelander) serving as his pallbearers.

Why was Soldier Boy hated?

Despite presenting themselves as a close-knit team, the truth was that Ben was hated by the other members of Payback as he sabotaged any efforts by them to advance their careers and would frequently physically abuse them (at one point delivering a severe beating to Black Noir who had complained about Soldier Boy ...

What is Soldier Boys weakness?

Weaknesses. Cowardice: Soldier Boy is a cowardly and naïve individual who mindlessly sucks up to other well-known superheroes.

What did Homelander do to his wife?

A few days after the party, Becca met with Homelander in a private room where he raped her. After that night, Becca was troubled on how to handle the situation. After January 24th, 2012, she went to Vought for help and confirmed she was pregnant with Homelander's child.

Could Soldier Boy have killed Homelander?

In theory, Soldier Boy should be able to kill Homelander, assuming his power affects Homelander the same way it affected Kimiko. But there's no guarantee; Homelander could get wind of the attempt and kill everybody before they try something.

Who killed Billy Butcher?

Knowing he will be locked away for life as an invalid, Butcher deceives Hughie into killing him by falsely claiming he had murdered Hughie's parents. Hughie, in a fit of rage, rams a metal spike into Butcher's chest, killing him. True to character, Billy dies smiling.

What is Homelander's Kryptonite?

For the DC superhero, it's Kryptonite, the radioactive rock from his home world, but for Homelander, it's something less substantial. It's more of a concept -- one that's used to great effect against him in the Season 2 finale: Homelander is backed into a corner when the people's love for him is placed in jeopardy.

Who is the silent killer in The Boys?

Black Noir is silent, stoic, and utterly unemotive on the outside. However, beneath this veil of silence is a stone-cold psychopath who delights in every form of depravity imaginable, including rape, cannibalism, torture, manipulation, and murder.

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